Monday, July 27, 2009

Uniqlo Calender

uuggghhh...i'm dying of this very unique design clothing web from Japan called UNIQLO and the cool thing is they provide a new design of blog calendar.

eventhough the picture calendar is not the place you exact to choose, they all are in Japan, the web, overall, is Cool!

got this via

ps: Unfortunately, it only has two city choices for Indonesia, they're Jakarta and Denpasar *sigh


cnz said...

Ive been to Uniqlo in Tokyo NDaaa..gak mampu menahan gejolak ingin memborong, hahaha. Lumayan murah meriah. Tapi yang paling murmer sihh...di Senen atau Gedebage sering banget ada Uniqlo (kemeja, sweater,tas,dll) yang masih layak pakee. Jadi....mending kemana? ;)

Anonymous said...

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